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Formatting For Kindles and ePub Devices
For plain text such as novels, manuals, and non-special format projects up to 400 pages, will be done within 48 hours. We deliver ePUB, Kindle, pdf and MSWord files converted for any and all reading devices. Two images plus the cover included. $10 more for up to 150 additional pages and $5 to $10 each per additional images (price determined by quality of images, ppi (dpi) sizes and whether or not we have to change their size or resolution. (It's the same for print books).

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Price: $75.00
Specialty Books Converted
We will happily estimate your artbook, photo book, annual report or other image book for ePub (Nook and others) and Kindle Fire, when you send us the number of pages and number of image files to be included. Covers will also be needed. Some files types will cost appreciably less than others. Please keep in mind that most designed books won't appear the same on eReaders. If your files are in InDesign for PC, MSWord, .pdf or are in html we can work more quickly with them. If they are in another format, just let us know.

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Cookbooks - Books Requiring Index and Cross Reference Links
When formatting for ePub and Kindle, the most time consuming of all books are those with "intense" index link requirements. Prices for formatting these books will be provided after we learn the number of pages and index items your book has. Contact us for a bid.

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