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What They Are Saying . . .

Fantastic work! Very well written and very easily explained! You are a true writing master! I'm very satisfied with your work and I'm happy I picked you! You have now earned a new lifetime client!

Highly recommended, especially for the not so tech savvy among us. Don brought my unformatted ebook to a high quality final product and explained all the steps along the way. Will be hiring him again

We couldn't be happier with our eBooks. They work beautifully on Kindle, Nook and every device we've been able to look at. Terrific job and quick, too. Marvelous work. Thanks so much.

Frank Stevens - Panoply Publications, Hollywood, CA

"You're the only photographer we've ever allowed on top of Mt. Rushmore. Great experience working with you. Thanks for taking care of our nation's favorite monument. Great photos, great show."

Bob Crisman. - Head Ranger (Ret), SD

Hi. Our Web site looks great. Works super well on iPads, and on my desktop. Lots of kudos from customers as well. (AIS Construction). The site is well organized, everything works and it's fun to work with. Keep up the good work.

G. Ford - California

Your postcards with your photographs have sold by the thousands. We are truly excited with them. Thank you, thank you.

K.D. - Mendocino, CA

I've never seen a better job of laying out a cookbook. The printing is awesome. More than 100,000 copies sold. And now the eBook versions are doing super well. Best deal I've ever made with anyone. I'll be back.

Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef, Sacramento, CA, Hunt Fish Cook TV show.

Incredible care and work went into my book. Thank you. I've added a bonus to your billing.

Don Coover, San Francisco, CA.